GA4 duplicate transactions with different transaction IDS

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Hello all!


We have just inserted the GA4 code into the Google channel app, but we receive duplicate transactions, with different IDS. So the same transaction is coming twice into GA4 , but with diff ids.


We don't have any other scripts in the checkout settings or in the customer events section.


Anybody else facing the same issue?


What I've found in the Thank-you page source code is this line:

window.ShopifyAnalytics.lib.track("Completed Order",{"checkoutId":27215823077546,"orderId":5145860243626,"orderName":null,"total":"180.00","revenue":"180.00","shipping":"0.00","tax":"28.74" [and so on]


And these 2 ids are coming for each of those duplicate purchase:

1 purchase with transaction id: 27215823077546

and same purchase again, but with transaction id: 5145860243626


Thanks all!


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Noticing this is happening to me aswell. What I also noticed in google analytics is that one transaction ID is showing the product name, and one transaction ID is showing the product name with the variant (size). So seems like there are two transactions for me, one with the "main" product and one with the size. Even though it's one transaction. Also sometimes the transaction ID is this long characters, and sometimes it's the order number. It used to be just the order number (and this duplication wasn't happening then!).

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yes, I observed the same thing regarding main product + main product and var name togheter...