Galary Wall With The Option To Add Or Remove Products To It

Galary Wall With The Option To Add Or Remove Products To It

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I am trying to add a functionality where I want to sell a Gallery wall set( A set of framed/canvas paintings) where customer has the option to buy gallery wall as it is or customize i.e remove specific artworks from it and the price of the gallery should update automatically. I am attaching screenshots for reference. Can someone help me understand how I can achieve the functionality. I have tried a bunch of bunder apps but none of them seem to be addressing this case. image1.jpgimage2.jpg

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Hello @rekhanath 


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Can you please specify how it is currently working in your site ?


This can be hard coded by creating a main product linked with set of frames, as the customers select, the price will be added/removed. And all the selected products will be added to cart similar to bundle products.



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Hi @rekhanath,

You can consider using the Easify Product Options app to address your concerns. The concept involves treating each painting as an individual product with its respective price, while the Gallery Wall Set remains price-free. Utilizing the app, you can designate each painting we've created as custom options within the Gallery Wall Set product. This setup empowers customers to deselect any paintings they prefer not to include in their set 😊.

See the demo below:

  • Storefront:




  • Settings:



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