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Gelato and Printful intergration/products/arghhhh im about to cry

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I have been using shopify for a month now to get my store all ready for a launch. 

I am totally new to the game of online selling on my own ( have helped a friend in the past but a lot seems to have changed in my eyes).

I have installed Gelator and Printful apps to my account, I have made a few mock ups over the last few weeks to practice but I feel like I am doing something wrong or missing a trick etc.

Example 1

Gelato Products used (T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, babygrows, cups, artwork)

I have a design which I have made in photoshop at 12x16" and it has everything incorporated into it ready to place on the clothing. (this part is so far easy).

The issue I seem to have is: 

Is there any way to duplicate these items faster (Have multiple varients of the same design/colours as I can only find colours). 

I have a design that says Here, have 10 cc's STFU and then i have multiple images on it and also multiple text colours as well. If I am to add each on individually it will take me months for each design.


Example 2

Printful has options for phone cases and masks etc.

I have made 12 colour designs of these products but they add individually so the store is cluttered, The phone have many different varients for all the phones and the masks have 2 different strap styles.

I have asked on Facebook before and all I seem to get are the scammers asking me to pay them but don't prove they know anything. I know it may be down to template for some things but suggestions would be appreciated. I probably have 1000 designs that i could use over the next few years, however I don't want to be adding constantly for 12 hours a day everyday as it feels like I will be.

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