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Geolocation App added to my store without my knowledge, raising prices for international buyers.

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Hi, I had a weird issues yesterday, a random Geolocator app was added to my store. It allows currency conversion for international buyers, up till now i've only sold in USD, and I allow paypal or the bank the customer uses to do their conversion for them.

I've had over 2,500 orders with no issues, then yesterday I got a message from a customer saying they got a popup asking them if they want to change my store to their native currency. they said that the prices for previously $1.5 items are showing as 1.95 euros which is about $2.5. I have had multiple people contact me about this.

I found that this geolocator app was added without me knowing and is changing my prices to Euros, and changing them incorrectly. After deleting the app, I thought I solved the issue. But today, I had an order, and it was in euros. With the incorrect prices.

This is very frustrating and I don't know what is happening, I have a new release this weekend and I am getting concerned that this will be an issue. I spoke to shopify support three times with three different people and still am not able to fix the issue.

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Hey, did you find a solution?


I added the plugin and wanted to use it. But the exchange rates its using seem to be wrong because the prices are completely wrong in currencies other than the default store currency. This is really frustrating.