Get 15-20% higher conversions this festive season. Amazon level personalization comes to Shopify

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What is personalization and why is it important?

Every visitor on an online store is different. They have different preferences, tastes and different likes and dislikes. Then it doesn't make sense to show all of them the same products. Showcasing the most relevant products right on the landing page is the surest way of getting the customers hooked and keep coming back for more. This is exactly where personalization comes in. TargetingMantra helps e-commerce companies showcase only the most relevant products to users based on their behavior and interests. The deals, best sellers, new-arrivals, similar products all change dynamically as per the taste of the consumer.

Our core team developed was part of the core personalization and recommendation team at Amazon and developed the personalization engine for Zappos, IMDB, Lovefilm, Audible etc. Over the past one year we have given our enterprise customers between 15-20% increase in conversions. 

We have recently developed a one-click app for shopify where you can access over 16 personalization features. You can check the app at For the festive season we are giving Shopify users a free one-month trial. If you want to know more about the product and take a live demo, please reach out to us at

  • Show right product to the right customer at the right time
  • Dynamically changing recommendations based on customer behavior
  • In-depth analytics
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7 0 0's personalization engine helps retailers grow revenue multi-fold with the power of A.I. that constantly learns and re-learns customer behavior as it relates to their business needs.