Getting error while creating product varient.

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Hello Shopify 

We are integrating Shopify with Shopify REST Apis. 

When we are creating product varients  and the API is giving 404 not found error. 

We are using following API

Request URL :

request body: {
"requestCreateProductList": [
"productSKU": "Astrid Ribbed Sweater",
"productId": "6683397652526",
"productBrand": "Mud Pie",
"productModel": "Astrid Ribbed Sweater",
"productDescription": "This oversized ribbed knit sweater is cut with vented trim at the hem and features exposed seam detailing, adding contemporary flair to the relaxed silhouette. Dress it up with skinny jeans, a front tuck and heals or wear it casually with your favorite pair of leggings and sneakers.\n\nCOMPOSITION\n\nRayon/Polyester/Nylon Blend\n\nSIZE\n\nOne Size Fits Most\n\nStyle Number: 98296, Vendor ID: 80140051",
"productTitle": "Astrid Ribbed Sweater",
"isInventory": false,
"productQuantity": 3,
"isPublished": true,
"productCategories": [

"ProductCategorylst": null,
"productCondition": "",
"productPrice": 57.95,
"productPriceCurrency": "USD",
"productPhotos": [
"productShippingProfileID": null,
"productShippingProfileName": null,
"isLocalShipping": false,
"productUSShippingPrice": 0,
"productUSShippingCurrency": null,
"productOtherShippingPrice": 0,
"productOtherShippingCurrency": null,
"isTaxExempt": false,
"sellerCost": 26.5,
"productUPC": "",
"isHandmade": false,
"isUPCNotApply": false,
"productColor": null,
"productYear": null,
"isOffersEnabled": false,
"isSoldAsIs": false,
"productCountryCode": null,
"productVideoLink": null,
"fulfillmentNodeID": null,
"productCategory": "Apparel",
"noOfUnitPerItem": 0,
"mainProductImageURL": null,
"productAsinNumber": null,
"productManufacturer": "Mud Pie",
"ProductShortDesc": null,
"productManufacturerPartNumber": null,
"ProductListPrice": 0.0,
"productManufacturerCountry": null,
"minimumAdvertisedPrice": 0,
"minimumAdvertisedPricePolicyNumber": null,
"standarProductCodeList": null,
"productSafetyWarning": null,
"productCompareAtPrice": null,
"productWeight": 0.0,
"productVariableWeight": 0.0,
"productVariableWeightUnit": "lb",
"isSetItemNameAsDefault": true,
"ProductImages": null,
"productCostPrice": 26.5,
"ProductTags": "APPAREL",
"ProductHandle": null,
"ProductVariants": [
"VariantID": null,
"VariantTitle": "Astrid Ribbed Sweater",
"CostPrice": 26.5,
"Quantity": 3.0,
"UnitPrice": 57.95,
"ItemCode": "148",
"Weight": null,
"VariableWeight": 0.0,
"VariableWeightUnit": "lb",
"ProductCompareAtPrice": null,
"VariantUPC": "",
"IsTaxExempt": false,
"ItemOptions": [
"OptionName": "Peach",
"OptionValue": "Peach"
"OptionName": "OS",
"OptionValue": "OS"
"InventoryLocationId": "3673227301",
"VariantImages": [

"InventoryLocationId": "3673227301",
"ProductAvailability": null,
"ProductType": null,
"ProductInventoryTrackingType": null,
"ProductHeight": 0.0,
"ProductWidth": 0.0,
"ProductDepth": 0.0,
"TaxID": "",
"ProductTaxonomyId": null,
"productIsSupply": false,
"productWhenMade": null,
"tags": null,
"ProductWeightUnit": null,
"IsInventoryTrackingEnabled": true,
"FreeShipping": null,
"ItemStatus": 0,
"productMaxDispatchTime": 0,
"productPostalCode": null,
"productPaymentMethods": null,
"paymentProcessorEmailAddress": null,
"shippingService": null,
"shippingCost": 0.0,
"additionalShippingCost": 0.0,
"productReturnPolicy": null,
"ProductVisibility": 4,
"AttributeSetId": 0,
"CustomAttributes": null,
"LargeQuantity": 0.0,
"ProductMediaImages": null,
"WebsiteId": null
"subscriberId": 88326,
"profileId": 1

rrequest header :


Please let us know why we are experiencing this issue.