Getting information into our Sharepoint database

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Hi All,


We are a small custom furniture manufacturer and rely on automated production reports sent via Shopify orders. Currently, we have Shopify take the order, Make (formerly integromat) then takes that information and create a line item in our sharpoint databse of each product that was ordered and its specifications. We just got word from Make that Shopify is discontinuing its "watch orders" API on their app so then it renders our system useless due to information not being able to be looked into and brought over. 


I just wanted to reach out to see if anyone had any suggestions or if anyone had any experience in migrating shopify order data into their sharepoint database. I've included what our funnel looks like on 


Make Flow.png


If anyone has any tips or infornation on this, that would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi Matt,


I have an idea. Can you drop a DM to me? 


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Hi Matt - same here, if you are still looking for a solution, can you ping me? There are quite a few ways to create this integration.