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Getting Recharge app to work as a Buy Button

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Hey troops, first time posting here and newcomer to the Shopify community, appreciate any help with this and hope I'm in the right group 🙂

Here's the situation. 

I've built our product's website on Squarespace (shock horror I know). Our team is non technical but we are design focussed and are able to make the updates we want quickly on Squarespace but let's not get into that now. We sell boxes of supplements and our product partner's fulfillment warehouse integrates with Shopify.

So, we currently have an account and basic site built up on Shopify however we want to essentially have the marketing side of things be on Squarespace and we want to embed a Shopify buy button into our Squarespace site. Easy enough, and I've proven that works. HOWEVER, we have a recurring subscription payment option set up with the Recharge app which is pretty critical to our business model and I'm unable to figure out how I can embed the the subscription option into the buy button (and then onto my Squarespace site). When I create the buy button in Shopify it only seems to work for non subscription products. 

Appreciate any help you can give me here. As I said we're not developers so I'm looking for ideally an out the box solution I can simply inject some code into a code block in Squarespace and have it link back to Shopify's backend. 

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Just wondering if you figured this out since we may end up doing something similar. Please let me know...

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I need help with this too. Any luck? I tried the bold app and was able to make that work. I might switch back to them...

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Has anyone found an answer to this aside from Bold app? Looking for a more low-cost option