Gift Aid for Shopify - UK focused app for charities and non-profits

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Hi all in the Shopify community!

My name is Mike and I co-run add10 - a specialist digital agency focused on making change positive within the UK non-profit sector. I have been developing an app that allows small charities to collect single donations using the Shopify platform. The app allows you to add a call to action in the checkout when the customer does not already have a donation product in their carts. When a customer does have a donation product in their cart then they are shown a customisable gift aid prompt (a tax incentive that gives back 25% to the charity/non-profit collecting donations). It also includes functionality to run reports (to see whether customers have specified the gift aid intent) and download a populated list of donors based on date range.

It was developed to make it easy for small charities to collect donations alongside a product based shop and make applying for gift aid easier. As such we are really keen on finding any UK based charities who are looking to run an online shop to test our gift aid app! 

You can contact me directly via our website ( if you'd like to know more or feel free to drop me a message in this thread.



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happy to help with this. Our site is and we would like to support a charity

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Hi @Mike_Doyle what is the app called? is it still in operation? Please respond here or to support@pledger,co