Gift Cards That Refund If Not Used or Don't Charge Until Claimed

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I am looking for an app that let's customers send gift cards to clients/customers/employees and if the gift card isn't used within 30 days (or something like that) that it will automatically cancel the gift card and refund the customer. Does this exist anywhere?


Or another alternative is that a client can send a gift card but they are only charged if they "claim" the gift card.



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Hi @megannakazawa,

Generally, most gift card apps only support setting expiry dates. Integrating refund functionality might introduce complexity, and it's possible that most gift card apps available may not align with your requirements. However, you can explore reaching out directly to gift card app providers to discuss potential upgrades that could align with your needs. For instance, consider trying the Vify Professional Gift Cards app and exploring whether the Vify team can assist in meeting your requirements.

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