'Gift' with purchase, 1 per item type/SKU

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We are a winery, and with our orders we include a printed tasting note card based on the wine the customer has ordered. It is one card per SKU, not per bottle and isn’t based on an order value. i.e. the customer gets 1 card for each type of wine they have bought.



Scenario one:

  • Customer purchases a total of 6 bottles across 4 SKUs:
    • 2 bottles of Syrah
    • 1 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 1 bottle of Chardonnay
    • 2 bottles of Pinot Noir

Tasting notes to include: 4


Scenario two:

  • Customer purchases 6 bottles across 1 SKU:
    • 6 bottles of Syrah

Tasting notes to include: 1


Our Shopify orders flow through to a warehousing software and at the moment we have to manually add the tasting notes into our warehousing software so that the correct number of tasting notes can be sent. I am wanting to try and find an app for this purpose. I have looked at a number of "free gift" apps, but none seem to work exactly as I need it. These are not a “free gift” as such (we don’t want the customer to think it is a gift when it is printed paper!, so I need to be able to update the wording), but we need them to be automatically added to the cart based on the number of different SKUs added to the cart.


I also would just like this done in the background, without any pop ups or messages showing for the customer. It isn't something for the customer to claim. This is ultimately a back of house requirement, not something for the customer to interact with.


Can anyone suggest anything?

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@LevantineHill So the gift needs to be added in Shopify admin, not in the storefront, right? I'm not aware of apps doing that as we speak.

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It can be added in the storefront, I don't have an issue if people see something like "complimentary tasting notes" added to the cart, and we have a product set up called "tasting notes" that get added. I just need to make sure that the quantity it adds is correct, and that there aren't other pop ups associated with it e.g. don't want pop ups telling customers to "claim their gift". Just something that auto-adds, and gets the quantity correct.

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I should also add that we currently have customers tagged, and this tag applies an automatic discount at the checkout. We do not want adding the tasting notes as a "gift" to interfere and remove the automatic discount that gets applied.

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Probably a little late here, but I built an app exactly for this purpose. We add anything you can think of to orders between the time the order is placed and it's imported by other software (whether that be accounting, 3PLs, or other fulfillment tools).


We're able to configure rules for exactly the situation you describe above! I hope this can help someone else in the same problem down the road.


Link to app: https://apps.shopify.com/pls-smart-pack-ship


Quick video setting up the solution: 


Putting Custom Packaging and Order Inserts back in the Merchant's hands!