Global automated sales tax help!

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I am really having a difficult time choosing a sales tax application for our global ecommerce store. Research on two of the main apps in the Shopify App Store resulted in a lot of negative findings. Additionally, the one app that Shopify directly recommends is, according to one of its salesmen, sunsetting their current Shopify app. The alternative offered by them would cost us over $600 just to get set up to do California's taxes! Reviews on credible sites indicate poor support, and non-transparent practices.

I'm interested in what you actual store owners do if you are operating global ecommerce Shopify stores, your strategies and tools.  Or should I just go to a CPA who handles international ecommerce?  Can I use one app for the USA, and another for VAT et al for the rest of the world?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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