GLOBO - 100+ Variants & Product Options Help

GLOBO - 100+ Variants & Product Options Help

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We are using this app to allow customers to customize apparel with their jersey number. I have unchecked the Require this field box yet nobody can add anything to their cart now because a little box pops up saying "Fill in this field" so they are forced to customize (at an uncharge) anybody experienced this?

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Can you share a link to the page?

It's possible the app isn't doing what it is supposed to do so reaching out to the developer is a good start. Now if the app added code into your theme for this you may be able to self serve by adjusting some things. I would guess a "required" attribute has been added to the field and quick fix could be to just remove the attribute. Without seeing some code in your theme, or an example it will be hard to guide you much further.

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Thanks for the help! You can check any of the shirts or hoodies here

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It's been a while since you raised this topic, so it's likely that you've already found a solution. However, in case you encounter a similar issue in the future, I recommend reaching out to the app provider for support. They can assist you with any specific challenges or requirements you have on your site.

If the current app provider is unable to support your needs, it may be worth considering a switch to a different app. There are many product options apps available, offering a range of features and capabilities to choose from.

One app that stands out is the Easify Product Options app. Compared to your current app, Easify app provides more option types - a total of 25 option types to choose from, and includes advanced features such as tiered wholesale pricing and a discount box on the cart page. You should give the app a try 🤗.


  • App interface for creating a new option set:





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