Globo Smart Product & Filter Search Glitch

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I'm experiencing serious issues with my site on the worst day possible for this! I've been sing Globo Smart Product & Filter Search Glitch for my collection page filtering and search box , but suddenly it has started glitching out of control and I cannot find a fix.


The filters have completely disappeared, thus making it very difficult for my customers to navigate and choose the products they want. Once every 10 or so page refreshes, the filters pop up again but as soon as I click one or try to do something on the page, it goes back to glitching. I've attached a photo of some errors I can see in the console if that helps..


If anyone has experience with this issue, please reach out as soon as possible! Thank you

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This image means their server is down. I would recommend using a stable filter app like this instead It has multiple fallback layers to ensure 100% uptime.

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