Going after the multiple automated discounts problem

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Hey all, we’re just in the review process for our first app ‘Stackable’. I thought it would be a good time to say hello and talk about our experiences of going after a tough problem - multiple automatic discounts.

We’re software engineers who have a background in e-commerce and have designed automatic deal finders in the past. We noticed that there were quite a few merchants looking for multiple automated discount functionality so we thought this is a nice problem for us to go after in the form of a Shopify app.

We realised it’s actually quite a hard problem to solve from both user experience and technical perspective but after some solid months of development, we’re finally in the review stage with our first offering.

The user experience challenge for both merchants & shoppers is a very interesting one. Discounts can be complex and offering multiple can cause overlaps (when they are on the same products) so you need a way to work out the best deals when collisions occur. There’s also logic where merchants may want to make discounts ‘compete’, so rather than combine them, pick the winner - or even a combination of competing discounts and discounts that just apply when the criteria is met.

From a shopper’s point of view, we wanted it to be as seamless as possible. Entering generated codes asks a lot of the customer and to only see your savings at checkout seems to go against the power of using them in promotions.

We extensively explored and used Shopify’s api and our own optimisation software to come up with a solution that hopes to target the user experience for both shopper and merchant.

We’re still in the review stage but thought it’s a good time to reach out and gauge initial interest.

We’ve also setup an app page https://stkbl.app which has some more details/screens. Be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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This is exactly what we need - flexible, multiple, automatic discounts.

We particularly want to do this for Buy X get Y offers too which seems poorly supported as a whole, so I hope you've cracked it.

What state is this at now please? I notice your post was a while back so I'm not clear if we can get that in Stackable App yet?


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The first thing we're working on is Buy X get Y support and that'll be after Black Friday 🙂


The link is outdated in my original post - you can find it here! https://apps.shopify.com/stackable-discounts 





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This is a large problem for us as well. 

We are currently using Discount Ninja to help us stack discounts, and have had issues thus far. 

I am extremely surprised that Shopify has not gone full in on this as it would increase conversions 10x. 


Please reach out to us once you have a solution, that works. 






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