Google & Youtube App GA4 events don't work

Google & Youtube App GA4 events don't work

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for long time I have issue with collecting data via GA4 from my Shopify store. Firstly I configured Google & YouTube App and connected accounts there. It seems like it should work properly, cause site's code include gtag under trekkie.load as you can see on screenshot below.


When I tried to debug tags it seems like only fully configured event is "view_item" which containts all necessary Ecommerce parameters. Rest of them like add_to_cart/begin_checkout/purchase doesn't even fire.

Currently I added GA4 manually via GTM and configured tags+parameters there, but issues with lack of Shopify Plus limit my possibility of tracking rest of events during checkout and only I can track main site + checkout confirmation page (where purchase event should be fired, but it does not).

This lead to lack of necessary data in ecommerce reports and I can only see particular items views without revenue/purchase data.

I tried reinstalling whole app few times and it still doesn't work. Support of both Shopify and Google has no clue what may cause it.

I literally beg for help or any clues. 🙏

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Hi Borzo, any news on this?


I've got a similar problem. I have the Google & YouTube app installed. It seemed to track everything fine until one day I added a GTM tag, and it stopped tracking any ecommerce data, only traffic... I only noticed a few weeks later, when there were 0 view_items, add_to_cart, purchase events registered. I uninstalled the GTM tag (deleted it from code) because it seemed the dates coincided, and bingo, I get tracking again! Except... it is not tracking purchases. 



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