Google & Youtube App - Purchase events not tracking in GA4

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Working on a client's account, we can see purchases in Shopify analytics, however no purchases and no revenue are being recorded in GA4. We can see a very minimal amount of "items viewed" and "item added to cart" in GA4, but no purchases at all.

The Gtag is setup using the "Google & Youtube" app in Shopify. 

Using the Google Tag Assistant chrome extension, I can see that the GA4 tag is firing on the checkout page.

I have removed the Tag Manager from the code of the website, as a suggestion from Shopify support said it could be conflicting with the analytics tag, but that has done nothing to fix the issue.

We also upgraded the store to Shopify Plus, as other support forums suggested you could only have Analytics tracking on checkout pages with Shopify Plus version. This has also done nothing.

This is causing issues as we can't attribute ROI to our marketing campaigns until we can see purchases and revenue by channel in GA4


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Hello @sierrasixmedia,


This can sound silly, but check your tracking code/store id in settings and GA4 account. It is not the one time event in my experience when merchants are looking for ways to fix issues with tracking events in Google Analytics, but the reason lies in the wrong code they are using.


Please, let me know if you need any assistance.


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