Google products add gtin or mpn error

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I have a problem with loading my products to google. We receive below errors, for each product.

Anyone knows the solution for this problem? Our products are not visible on google at the moment and we really need that.


Since we have over 5000 products.. its a big issue for us.




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Hello @frankmoi,


Use the identifier exists [identifier_exists] attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers (UPIs) are available or not for your product. Unique product identifiers are submitted using the GTIN [gtin], MPN [mpn], and brand[brand] attributes. The rule for Google Shopping is that if the product has a bar code, you must add Brand, GTIN (barcode), and set identifier_exists to yes.

Also, double-check the data in Google Merchant Center > Products > All products > Click on the product, scroll towards the bottom and check the final attributes.


Refer this documentation

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Do not use Shopify to identify Google Merchant Center (GMC) related issues. Instead go to GMC > Products > Diagnostics.


Invalid product identifiers will not stop the initial review, and you need to wait until Google has approved your account.


However, make sure you comply with all policies. If you use Google's free app, you will have a false sense that you comply. You in fact need to comply with all policies:


As FlareAI mentioned, follow product identifier rules to correctly submit product requirements.


Make sure you also add all settings in GMC, check each menu and page, and fill out all the details.


If you are using the free shopping app, and if you don't have barcodes, in GMC > Products > Feeds > click on your feed > feed rules > create a rule to clear the brand value and set identifier exists to no.


More info:

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This is a known bug with google app. Even you have correct values in barcode still google won't accept it and shows GTIN error.


I have a number of clients and all are having the same issue except 1.

Finally this app is available in the market:

This app has no products limit unlike others. You can run it for all of your products to fix Limited performance due to GTIN issue on google if you already have UPC populated.