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Google Shopping App - Custom Product ID

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I have just recently switched to shopify and am using the Google Shopping App. This app creates generic product ID's for products. Is there a way to modify this to use a custom ID (preferably the item SKU)

I have noticed a HUGE drop in traffic and increase in cost per click as I have a higher relevancy score with my original product ID's. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Omar,

It's Shauna here from the Guru team, hope all is well! 🙂

The identifier for each item has to be unique within your account, and cannot be re-used between feeds for the same country in the same language. If you have multiple feeds for one country, ids of items within different feeds must still be unique. If your SKUs are unique across your inventory and meet the requirements below, we suggest you use your SKUs for this attribute.

You can however change the unique product identifer codes. You can read about those here

Hope that helps!


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I have the same problem/question. I've tried multiple tests to try to get the SKU to flow through as the Item ID in Google Merchant but still end up with Shopify autogenerated ID (shopify_US_####...) What can I do to make the Item ID the SKU instead? Our SKUs are all unique.

Any insight is appreciated!

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Did you figure out how to set the SKU as the Item ID? 

I would also like to do this to make Subdividing my Google Campaigns a bit more logical.



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I would also like this. 

Google shopping adwords looks messy and its really hard to know what your paying per product with the way the shopify ID is shown, even if shopify add the first 5 letters of the product title to the shopify ID, this would help identify what product is what, in google adwords. 

Thanks. = Essential Oils UK
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This. Anyone find any solution yet? We had problem when it comes to shipping! (Google Merchant Center - Shopping Actions)

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Bumping this as we just started using the Google App and are having the same issue, amazing how hard it is to find a solution after this being reported for years. Anyone?

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Just found this app - seems to be doing exactly this fix. 

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Nowhere in the link you supplied doe it show how to change the ID or SKU or did i miss something

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We have been using this shopify app for the google, and bing, shopping feed for quite a few months now and are happy with it.


In google shopping, using google ad words editor, I have created SPAGS (single product ad groups) where the name of the ad group is the sku # concatenated with the product name - this helps make tracking easier for us.