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Hey there,

I started using the Google Shopping App to create my feed. The problem is the speed. I'm not sure how it's supposed to be but in the last 5 Days the app processed only 22 Products (unfortunatelly all were not approved but this is due some missing data --> will fix that later). I have lots of products but with this speed it will take way too much time to process all products in my store.

How are your experiences? Is this just a crappy app?


Of course there is a message shown that says "Due to a high volume of requests, it can take up to 10 business days for Google to approve a pending product. Any products with errors won’t appear in your ads." But I can't believe that this how it's supposed to work.


Hope somebody can clear things up 🙂



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Hey Leina,


We have worked with Google Shopping for a long time, and in our experience if it takes more than 3 days it might be something troublesome with the feed. We have customers with +40 000 products. If the feed gets stuck you can email or add a ticket with Google Support and asking for help.


Most common errors that get products stuck in pending in my experience is

  • Shipping information not correctly set up
  • Taxes (in US) not setup
  • Old index from Google
    • This one is the trickiest. If Google already have a index of your site, you can get some really strange errors like usability to low, images not found etc. Google support can fix this by clearing their cache of your site.
  • Images to large.

So my best advise is to contact the Google Support or use our new app, and let us handle it 😉


We have just launched our app Amanda - Automatic Google Ads


You have a 30-day free trial to test it out if you like it or not, and after that from $29/month depending on your ad-spend.

We automatically create both Google Shopping & Google Ads, you can choose yourself if you want to create both Shopping ads & Search Ads after the setup.

After you have installed the app you can choose to let our AI optimize your Shopping campaign, you can create your own campaigns based on the feed that is created or you can do both.


  • Google Shopping feeds. And optimization (Google Product Category, Categories, and all attributes needed for a best-practice Google Shopping feed)
  • Automatic campaign with all your products, where the bids and optimization is set on each separate product, relative to the sales-price of that product, to maximize return on investment
  • Demographics optimization. Those interests and demographics that statistically has a higher change of converting will get a higher bid.
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited countries to target. Create one feed for each country your store delivers to, as long as the content language of your site is supported for Google Shopping in the correlating market

It would be awesome if you downloaded our app, and if you have any questions or need help with anything just let me know


Best regards,



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@leinaD This sounds like a throttling issue. If you don't mind, can you tell me how many SKUs are you feeding to Google?

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Our store is having same issue. At first I believed what it said "Due to a high volume of requests" and thought it could not be getting better if we built our own feed app by using Google's content API, but now I think it's highly possible that the app itself is root cause, maybe it's getting stuck in somewhere, maybe Google only provides limited bandwidth for out site.

Anyway, we're looking for third party pard app now.

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@Samuel_Cai You're absolutely right. Shopify is an amazing commerce platform -- it's so good at so many aspects of ecommerce and POS -- but transporting data just isn't its core competency. Especially when it comes to large amounts of data or complex catalogs. In your case, a third party product feed automation app (like GoDataFeed) might be your best bet. 

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Hello @leinaD,

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours for the product feed to be processed.

Generally, if the product status is in the pending state for more than 72 hours and if the changes in the product feed don’t reflect within that time period, then you should directly contact the Google support. If it is taking more than the usual time then it might be something wrong with the feed or with the app. You can check whether your approved products are showing in the Merchant Center or not.


Some common reasons your item may get disapproved are -

  1. Google Shopping policy violation
  2. Trademarks and copyright 
  3. Dangerous products 
  4. Incorrect shipping information 

So, I would suggest you try one of the most popular apps out there i.e. Google Express Integration app which can help you to manage your products feed without any trouble. It usually takes 1 to 2 hours (max to max 1 day) for the feed to be uploaded to the Google Merchant Center. Then Google reviews the feed by themselves, and in that process, it may take up to 72 hours at max. Also, we are the Official Channel Partner of Google Shopping Actions, so if any issue occurs, we contact the Google Support team on an instant basis and provides 24*7 support to our customers.


Our app provides you a 7-day free trial additionally, it provides a lot of benefits. As it is the kind of multipurpose app through which you can manage both Google Shopping and Google Express marketplace.


Some advanced benefits of Google Express Integration app-


  1. The app helps you to manage your products and inventory and allows you to synchronize products and prices in near real-time.
  2. To avoid the one-by-one product uploading, the app makes the process easier with the bulk upload of products (in a few clicks)
  3. Integrating with Google Express Integration assuredly spot ahead of your products in front of the wider public which in turn brings you maximum conversions and traffic.
  4. The repricer feature in the app helps you to increase or decrease the price of the products with a fixed value or a percentage.


Google Express Integration has proven to be a perfect app which helps you to manage your product feed with ease and also benefits customers with the best shopping experience. Give it a try!

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In case you are still facing issues with your current app you can have a look at our app Easy Google Shopping Feed app by AdNabu

We use Content API to push the products to Google Merchant Center. It is a faster and more efficient way of doing so. We also have automated most of the tasks related to Shipping and taxes which saves a lot of your time and effort. 

Please let us know your feedback.

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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