Handle billing declined cancel on app install

Handle billing declined cancel on app install

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i've created a simple app with the latest default shopify app in node. I manage to get the billing and trial. But when user cancel billing after installation, it is never asked again to accept subscription



In index.js i got 

required: true,
// This is an example configuration that would do a one-time charge for $3 (only USD is currently supported)
chargeName: "SpyKiller Montlhy Subscription",
amount: 3.0,
currencyCode: "USD",
interval: BillingInterval.Every30Days,
This is working great it ask my user to approve charge 
i also set required in verify-request.js & auth.js
{ billing = { required: true } } = { billing: { required: true } }
But even if a user click on cancel when it is prompted to accept subscription and user can use the app. As i see in ensureBilling.js when it is called by verify-request it should redirect to confirmationUrl but it does not when app is already installed. How to check everytime user use the app ?



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Any recommendation how to solve this issue.? Can any one please help?
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I see lot of post about this feature but no answers anywhere. 

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Has a solution to this been posted? I've been working on something similar with no luck yet.  Everything works fine for the installation/billing process unless the merchant clicks the "cancel" button.  The app installs and gives the merchant full access even though they declined payment.