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Handling different delivery times from different Distributors

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I need to somehow display different shipment times to our customers based on inventory in different locations:

If stock in warehouse Local >0: Info in store -> Delivery time from stock (instant)
If stock local = 0 and stock Europe > 0: Info in store -> Delivery time: 3-4 days
If warehouse local and warehouse Europe = 0 and warehouse Turkey >0: Info in the store -> Delivery time: about 14 days
If all stocks = 0: Info in the store -> Delivery time: 9-10 weeks

Which apps can I use to handle this?



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I ended up writing my own app: Custom App for our client.


We are using an app registering webhooks for product updates


We store those inventory updates in our own database 


We expose a REST API so that the shopify front end can access the data (because inventory levels are not exposed in shopify’s api) using jquery