Has anyone tried the Dealbar app for multiple promos?

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I have been looking for months for a bottom popout bar for multiple promos - for ex, like the one on oldnavy.com


I finally found a new app in the Shopify store called "Dealbar" (https://apps.shopify.com/dealbar). It's free, but no reviews or ratings. I decided to install it & try it out, but during installation, it lead me to a red "dangerous site" page (below), so I got nervous it's a scam & didn't complete the installation... or so I thought. I saw a little bit later that it did in fact install onto my site. I uninstalled it right away, contacted Shopify support about it & also contacted the app developer. I see it's still available on the app store, but still no reviews or ratings.


This is EXACTLY the app I am looking for & I don't see any others out there like it, so:

1. Did anyone else try installing this app & had this experience? Or had a GOOD experience with it?

2. Does anyone know of another app out there just like this one?


Thanks in advance!


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