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Has anyone used SpeedBoostr for their store optimization?

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has anyone every used speedboostr????

i'm interested in hiring them to do some optimization for my shop.

however, when i tried to sign up for there entrepreneur package, i get a pop-up request for my credit card info and email address.

I have no problem paying them but its seem a little bit to quick without asking about any other things, I guess.

I would love to use them and I want to know if anyone have any experience with them so that I can be a little bit assure in spending my money with them.

I am pretty sure they are a wonderful company but would like some feedback or review from those who have used them in the past.



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I've not used speedboostr's apps or had them work on a store but they are in the process of doing some custom app development work for me and I have found them very helpful, easy to work with and they know their stuff.

You can reach out to Joe from speedboostr on the Shopify experts system prior to paying.

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Hi ,

thanks for the reply and rec. I will reach out to joe and see what he have to say.

i really need the service that he is offering and hoping that it can live up to the service.



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@Anonymous thanks for the compliment on our team. 🙂

Hey @Hai_Nguyen2 Joe from Speed Boostr here. That's good feedback by the way about the checkout process, sounds like maybe we could improve our process, would love to hear your ideas on what would make you more comfortable.

If you haven't spoken with anyone from our team yet, we offer a free site analysis before you purchase, where our site analyzer checks out your site and gives recommendations on what services would best help you.

To get the free analysis head to with your info. If you already sent a message via my Shopify Experts profile you're all set, our site analyzer will receive that and guide you through the process tomorrow if she hasn't reached out yet.

We're looking forward to helping you.

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Hi joe,

I did send you a message via your Shopify Experts profile.

I am a little more confident now that you have answer my questions and will be making a purchase for the entrepreneur package first thing tomorrow.

I hope to be working with you and see the great result that your team will deliever.





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Hi Hai,

How did it go with speedboostr?  Were you happy with the results?

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Hey @Hai_Nguyen2 I hope you are having an amazing day! I wanted to reach out and see how they did on your website and how was the overall experience? I'm thinking about getting their Entrepeneur package. Please let me know how it went. Thank you so much! Keep on staying positive and amazing!!! Thanks, Kyle 🙂

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My experience was:

1. They took about 10 days to start with a bunch of sporadic holding emails. A bit tedious tbh with a fair amount of repetition.

2. They overcharged me or offered the worst value ever. They claimed a three minute video stating exactly I what I told them took over an hour plus one another GSC metric. It literally just showed me GSC errors I told them about and one more that just appeared in GSC. The company and developer stated different times were spent on the task - the company of course stated a lot more. The company is seemingly very money hungry and willingly to overcharge with utter confidence and determination.


In my opinion speed improvements to your theme should be avoided as they cause more problems down the line....that's what a very highly regarded developer told me and what i have found out myself. GSC is due a upgrade to prevent users from focusing on poor quality metrics. Since we did speed fixes we've had nothing but problems. 


Unfortunately I found this out too late and have spent a lot of time dealing with the fall out. I now have to start afresh to get rid of every so called fix. Fyi by Speedboostr's own admission you have to keep going back to them to maintain the "fixes" which means every single change or new page may need their services. Yay! 

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I experienced significant 

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This is an old thread but we will chime in.


First, they increased our site speed SIGNIFICANTLY! The impact was instant and awesome!!


Then, they wanted to charge outrageous rates to update our theme, telling me I couldn't update it or I'd lose all their work.


So we went from thrilled to completely frustrated in an instant.


All it takes is a quick email saying move these scripts over and add this to your theme.liquid.

Nope, they want $900 a MONTH retainer to keep the theme updated.  🙄