Having issues with activating Add to Quote button on ShowTime theme?

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I am having trouble with activating my Add to Quote button on my ShowTime theme. I downloaded the Request a Quote App and bought one of the plans. Also, I made all the changes I want in the App and embeded it with my theme, but when I go to the Theme Editor and want to embed it in the editor it says App Embed doesn't exist.

Also, it is not possible for me to remove Buy button and Add to Cart button so that the only button I have is Request A Quote.


Is is possible that Request A Quote App doesn't work on ShowTime theme?


Thank you in advance.





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As my view you don't require any app for request a quote feature.


You can update your product cost with zero. 

Also mentioned on that product is we will call or email for final cost.


Since cost is zero user will build the cart and place a order which will have their all information like contact no, email and shipping address.


Hope this could help...



If you still want to resolve your issue. Request you to share the URL and request a quote app URL.

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