Having trouble with what app to use for tags

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what Automated tag app should we use? We want to tag our customers based on the products they purchased from us, to see what cars they have, also we want to see the tags in the customers section instead of the orders section, or anything that could help us identify what they bought using tags


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Hey @Tobleroreo 

Came across your post, and created an app a few months back that does just that - Auto-Segment [Tag] customers based on products previously purchased.  Here is a video:



Anyway, if it meets your need, App is here StockStream  -  would love your feedback! T


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For tag logic beyond the simple usemechanic lets you script your business rules using liquid

Example https://tasks.mechanic.dev/auto-tag-customers-upon-product-purchase 

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Hi @Tobleroreo 👋

The new Auto Tagging tool within Giftship is fully flexible, with stacking of conditions, and tagging of customers in the customer section a default option.

Here an article that gives a quick introduction: https://docs.giftship.app/article/introduction-to-auto-tagging-%ef%b8%8f%e2%83%a3/

Our team would be happy to help out and build this automated tagging system with you. Please let us know! support@gist-apps.com



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Hey @Tobleroreo


Since I last posted, I created a simple app that does exactly that:




Please let me know if you are still interested, would love your feedback, thanks


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