Having troubles with an app after updating scopes

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I have a problem. Recently I've updated my app to have access to more scopes. But the problem is that now when new store tries to install that app - it gets into redirection loop until it spits out an attached error.


If I revert scopes back - it works. Stores which had that app installed prior to scope update - works with updated scopes as well, so it's only install that is broken.


Cookie setting are all in check, I've tried multiple browsers - same issue.


Ofc when deploying scopes, I did: "shopify app config link" then "shopify app deploy" and code that gets deployed also has updated .toml


Any suggestions what else can I try? Thanks!


Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 11.04.37.png

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Related GitHub issue: https://github.com/Shopify/cli/issues/3504


Make sure you have this in your `shopify.app.toml`:



include_config_on_deploy = true