HELP: App that allows customer to buy a product (from Zazzle) through my shopify store

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So I've created a product on Zazzle, which does NOT have shopify integration. 

I know, "just make the product on one of the many websites that do integrate with shopify." 

I can't! Zazzle is the only site that I've found that offers this product. And I've looked, extensively. 

So my question is: 

Is there an app that will display the product I made on zazzle, but when the customer buys the items off my shopify site, the app sends a notice to zazzle, takes the customer's money, pays for it, and sends them their invoice/receipt? And sends out the product? And automated...integration basically. An app that integrates two stores. The IP is my own,  I own the design, I drew it myself. Thanks!

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