HELP lol Barcodes scanning/Packing list check app/scanner

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Hi Guys 

Having ALOT of issues with the picking and packing of our orders, and incorrect items being sent out to the customer. We use a shipping system call shiptheory for our integrated labels/packing slips and courier selection and will say its brilliant and rule selection for correct service and courier is spot on. 

The integrated label has a product name, brand, price quantity, SKU variant etc so all information is there for the picker to make the correct selection. 


As errors are still being made despite online being only around 100 orders per day. 

Does anyone recommed a picking/barcode scanning app that can just take care of the picking side of things and the check? I would prefer not to move on to an all in one system at this time as shiptheory works so well. 

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EasyScan has a great feature to avoid fulfillment mistakes. Under the "Fulfill Order" tab, you can easily select an order and scan in the SKU and Barcodes on the physical products. The app lets you know if you made a mistake or are missing any items. Then, you can mark the order as fulfilled right and ship it out on that page.


There's a free trial to test it out as well:

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A bit late, but if you're still looking for a simple app to pick products, scan barcodes, and pack orders, try our "Pick List" app.