Help my Shopify Gift cards can't be used with Vend POS

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Hi - I had my first customer come in with a gift card purchased online via Shopify.  Our Vend POS did not recognize it.  Is there a work around for this?   I have several outstanding gift cards and need to know how to handle this before they all come walking in the door! Help!

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Hi @Piper, I'm Neomi from app,

We specialized in gift card & Loyalty Store credit solutions.

Right now we don't have an integration with Vend POS, but we do have an integration with Shopify POS - you will be able to use our gift cards in your physical store and your online shop as one.

we can help you migrate all of your outstanding gift cards to the new system.


checkout our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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Do you have any updates on this vend/shopify issue Neomi? This is an old thread but I'm still trying to find a solution for this! 

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This company can work with both shopify and Vend for gift cards.  Check them out, their great! 


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Yes I too have Vend POS for my brick-and-mortar store, and use Shopify for e-commerce to supplement business. I set up gift card sales online through Shopify. A couple of times people have come into the store with their Shopify gift cards, and we cannot figure out how to have a customer redeem this without creating an online account and make purchase online, even if they are standing in the store! To make matters worse, we have more stock in-store than online, so sometimes there is a product not available to purchase online (versus in-store). Anyone know a better way?

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I know that this is an old thread, but as we have been using Vend/Shopify for almost two years now we have come up with a few work arounds and I thought I would share.

For this specific problem our solution has been for one of our associates to call and inform us that an online gift card needs to be used in-store.  We look up the customer and card, then transfer the balance to store credit in Vend.  We then disable the gift card in Shopify.  The purchase is then made in the store with the store credit.

It makes record keeping a little bit messy, but it really doesn't come up that often for us.