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Hi everyone, 


Perhaps someone can help. I have added and been setting up Zepto, product personalizer app.


I have selected that it creates a new personalised product which then stays on the store, in their help section it says how to 'hide newly created product by the app'. I am rather new to shopify and don't understand what or how to do it. 

If anyone could help explain it to me and how I can do it I would very grateful, here is what it says:



Hide Newly created product by the App

Collection template

Find any “for” loops for products in the collection:

{% for product in collection.products %}

and add this snippet right after the opening of the loop:

{% if product.type == 'PPLR_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

You may also need to do this if the collection shows a list of product types in a dropdown — replaceproduct.typewith whatever is needed to skip our type.

Sometimes there are multiple collection templates, and this change should be applied to each template.

Search template

Find any “for” loops for items in the search results:

{% for item in search.results %}

and add this snippet right after the opening of the loop:

{% if item.type == 'PPLR_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
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