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My business services non-profit organizations with branded apparel (shirts, hats, etc) by print-on-demand. I run logistics, overhead, digital, POS, customer management, etc for a small fee – the client shares the store link and receives a profit as orders come in. Currently, I export orders monthly and share spreadsheets with the client. I would like to provide a client dashboard where they can check orders live. The dashboard can be fairly simple to start: all order info, a simple chart or two, export feature, subtotal revenue, subtotal discount code used, subtotal profit (see #2); all sortable by date ranges.

A few notes:

  1. I service nine clients at the moment - each client should only see their orders. Products are sorted internally by tags and externally by product name — example public product name: Logo Tee Shirt (Client Name)
  2. I charge a small fee per order which is not reflected on Shopify but rather calculated later after order export. This dashboard would need to incorporate this fee (a percent of the POD cost) to calculate the true cost/profit, not simply what Shopify/print-on-demand vendors see.

In the future:

  1. I create products mockups with the organization's logo and send via email for approval. I would like this product approval process to live in the dashboard, with options to approve a product and add comments. 
  2. I would like to add a payment feature to pay clients their profit via direct deposit, Paypal, etc. 

Please send any app or Shopify consultants. Obviously, this could be a longer-term project that becomes more complex as it goes on.

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Hello @RadT ,


You can use Shopify Admin Dashboard Application developed by miniOrange. Using this application your clients will be able to see information like total orders placed, total revenue, discount code used, total profit, and much more. They can export customers, orders, and products in a list. You can track the status of orders in real-time using this app, and the status of new orders will be displayed within the app’s dashboard.


Based on clients' profile information, or tags assigned to them, specific roles can be assigned to them. Access to certain parts of the admin dashboard can also be limited based on capabilities, such as limiting access to the customer or order areas. 

The clients will only be able to see their own orders and will not be shown other clients' orders.


We can help you with fulfilling your use case. You can contact us at