Help picking out easy app for personalization

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I have been at this since October of last year.  I'm ready to now give up and cancel my account and just focus on etsy.... 

I'm using Retnia theme -  

I set up 56 listings to use their personalization option.

After months of work.  I was done today and decided to do a test and have my friend buy something. We entered in their text and picked out a tumbler.  

The order came thru and there was no sight in the order showing what they wrote in that field.  

This has become to much for me now to figure out.  Can someone PLEASE help me. Willing to pay if I have to... Without this field. My site is useless and I can't keep paying monthly fees to shopify. I have cancer and can't keep being this stressed praying that I can figure this last piece of the puzzle out.   I have tried shopify support - but since this is a theme,  I'm not really to hopeful for their help.   Theme developers have not responded -    I really needed this site so I can be able to sell merch to help pay for medical bills, since I'm too embarrassed to take another handout.  


Options?  should I cancel? will changing all this to an app be to hard and not good for someone in my condition?

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Dear ,

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery soon, the feature you are looking for is possible without having to pay anything actually. We are new partners and hope the below link can help you get this done in less time:

Community link 

Hope this helps.