help w/ 'create a fulfillment' post and response v2023-04

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problem is 'location_id', have multiple tickets open w/ Shopify dev support and cannot get any traction, issues started a few weeks back, looking to see if anyone can share their sample post and response as all we get are errors, we are using a custom php connector on v2023-04 but will convert our code to anything if someone can share a successful example;


when we do not post location_id, as v2023-04 gives no examples of reference to this in their api doc for POST; - we get a 400 error "[error] => location_id must be specified when creating fulfillments."


and when we do add a location_id, we get a 404 error, no response


what gives!? Can anyone pls share their successful api post and response for Creating a fulfillment for one or many fulfillment orders.


thank you!

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