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I have a question guys and I don't think I've seen an answer for it.


I want to know if there's an app where people need to have an specific product in order to get another product.


So for example, if somebody wants to buy a pen they first HAVE to have a notebook added to the cart.


Let me know please, thank you!

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Hello @nashalama13,


Please, share more details about the required functionality and products you sell. Then I can provide the most relevant solution for your case.


You can consider the In Cart Upsell app. With this app, you can offer the most relevant products in the cart. AI-powered autosuggest built in the system can automatically recommend the exact product a shopper is most likely going to buy next.


There is also a great app called Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Beltand. This app analyzes previous purchases in a store database and produces a pull with recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart. These recommended products are then displayed on the product page and with a single click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, the featured products are added to the shopping cart.


If you need any assistance, please, let me know.


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