Help with choosing subscription app

Help with choosing subscription app

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I'd like to set up a subscription where users pay for the year, and then products would ship quarterly. Is there an obvious choice of which app to use for this situation, that would also help track inventory and shipping of the products?

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Hello @klezmer41 ,


Here is the subscription apps:

1. Recharge Subscriptions
  - Comprehensive subscription management.
  - Customizable subscription options (including quarterly shipments).
  - Inventory management.
  - Integration with shipping apps.
  - Detailed analytics and reporting.

2. Bold Subscriptions
  - Flexible subscription models (annual payments with quarterly shipments).
  - Automated inventory management.
  - Integration with various shipping and fulfillment apps.
  - Customer portal for subscription management.
  - Robust analytics tools.


Hope this will fulfill your requirements.

Thank you !!

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Hi @klezmer41,


Thanks for reaching out to the community with your question. This is MooseDesk - An ideal Helpdesk Solution that aligns perfectly with your Start-up.


For setting up a subscription where users pay annually and receive products quarterly, I recommend using Recharge Subscriptions. It offers comprehensive features that will suit your needs perfectly:


  1. Flexible Subscription Plans: You can easily set up annual payment plans with quarterly shipments.
  2. Inventory Management: Recharge integrates with Shopify's inventory system, allowing you to track stock levels for your subscription products.
  3. Shipping Integration: It works with various shipping apps and services, streamlining the logistics of sending out your products quarterly.
  4. Customer Management: Manage customer accounts, track subscription statuses, and handle changes or cancellations seamlessly.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed reports and analytics to monitor the performance of your subscription service.


Moreover, if you are looking for FREE Helpdesk App to streamline your customer support, I recommend trying MooseDesk. It is an all-in-one customer support solution: Live Chat, Ticket Helpdesk, WhatsApp button, FAQ page, FAQ widget, Order tracking widget to help you  deliver rapid resolutions across multiple channels. Additionally, you can create FAQ pages with appealing templates and customize a self-service widget to quickly resolve common customer issues.




So this is my answer to your question. If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving MooseDesk a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


 Once again, keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you the best of luck in the future! 😍

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Hello @klezmer41,


Yes, as Oscprofessional mentioned earlier you can try ReCharge Subscriptions and Bold Subscriptions apps. You can also consider the Seal Subscriptions app which utilizes a default Shopify checkout process and has a free plan with a 0% transaction fee. Take a look at all the features these apps offer and choose the one fits your needs best.


Best regards,

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I'm Max - Support representative at Seal Subscriptions.


With our app you can create various subscription-based selling plans like: auto-charging subscriptions, pre paid subscriptions, recurring invoice subscriptions, loyalty discounts...


Even on the FREE plan, you can set up the selling plan you are describing, that will bill your customers yearly and fulfill every 3 months.


The best thing is, that we charge a 0% transaction fee, no matter how many active subscriptions you have. Our closest competitors would charge you from $60-$100 and a transaction fee on the lowest plan without all the features. With our app you can chose the plan that works best for the features your business and pay just for what you need.


Highlighted features:

  • Sell classic & prepaid subscriptions, subscription boxes & more!
  • Loyalty features, tiered discounts, product swaps
  • Custom delivery profiles
  • 0% Translation fee % unlimited free plan.
  • Easy access to customer portal for customers!
  • Get an insight in your business with great statistics, payment calendar and more
  • Use the white-label branding with custom email domains!
Seal Subscriptions App, a subscription app for Shopify, with glowing user testimonials.
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This looks really promising! Is it possible to remove the one-time purchase option, so that only the subscription is offered?