Help with integrating/ syncing shopify with ebay and square POS in real time

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Hi All


I thought this would be more straight forward but apparently not so just wanting to see if anyone had any thoughts as to the best way to sync my 3 systems together. I have a square POS system i use in the shop which i am happy with.

I also have the shopify website which i am also happy with and I sell the same items on ebay.


I am needing to integrate/ sync all 3 so that if I sell something on shopify/ ebay it automatically updates in the other and on my square system. Furthermore i need the same thing to happen when i scan an item thats sold in store with the barcode scanner on the square system to have it also show as out of stock on shopify and ebay.


If I could also do the same thing for when i list and item or de-list an item for sale that would be what would be needed.


Id like to first upload to the site and then have it link list on ebay and square. There are some apps which claim to do this but i am struggling with one that links to all 3 effectivley. Ive tried mesa which doesn;t do this and no trying zapier which claims to link all 3 but an struggling with it and it doesn;t appear to be working.


Any thoughts would be super helpful.





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We have been using SKU IQ with mixed results. It sometimes adds or deletes inventory numbers on items and is by far not perfect or ideal. We are to the point where we may change from Shopify to a Square website so that all the inventory will stay as accurate as possible. I have yet to find an app that is consistently accurate. I get that there will be issues from time to time as technology is not perfect, but it's a headache with the number of problems we have encountered over the last year so why pay an app when you have to manually count all the time and readjust?