Help With Pinterest Duplicate Feed Errors Inactive Catalog

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Hi there, I'm having a persistent issue with the pinterest sales channel.
I'm trying to address it as I don't want to lose my verified merchant status, but I just have no idea how to fix this.
For some reason I have two shopify feeds with the exact same language, English.



But I only have one language in my store, only English.



On Pinterest one of them has 0 products and translation errors, the other one is fine. The one with the translation error says "English(US)" on pinterest, but on shopify they are both just "en"


showing translation error


Has anyone ever experienced this? How do I remove the empty English(US) feed giving me errors?

Disconnecting and reconnecting the app doesn't work. It only unpublished my pins while the inactive data feed was still there.


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I’m having the exact same issue.

I’ve paused my duplicate feed previously when this happened and things were ok but it’s become active again. I’ve since had another email telling me to fix the issue otherwise I’ll loose my verified merchant status.

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I’ve also been having this same issue since early November. I have the same warning of losing my verified merchant status and it’s just so frustrating to have to deal with something that no one has a solution for, not Shopify or Pinterest. I’ve put in the heat tickets and the solutions offered aren’t any help, it’s like they aren’t even aware of the problem. This all just happened overnight I’ve had my catalog and shopping tab working on Pinterest for over a year and all of a sudden it just all disappeared and there’s an inexplicable error. Everything I have is in English, the website, Shopify and Pinterest setup, how in the world is the issue language related and in need of translation when I only offer the one language. Why are there two feeds, one with no errors and the other on top with issues. Why haven’t they offered a way to delete the one with issues because pausing the feed doesn’t seems to work. The feeds are no longer updating as there supposed to on a 24 hr basis either. This all just sucks and it’s so frustrating. I’m sorry to just go on this rant but I needed to vent. Pinterest was my highest traffic referral to my website and I’m just super disappointed that it no longer works. It actually has been saying 0 monthly views for a week now. I hope the issue gets resolved, probably won’t for me because I’ll probably lose my status soon, but so others don’t have to go through all of this.

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I'm having the same issue.

Just started this week. 

For some reason it has duplicated my product catalogue for Spain, and is not syncing. I never even knew I had different catalogues for different currencies. It has given me one for UK, one for US, and 2 for Spain. Have looked in to my markets in Shopify, but no duplicate there...

There must be a solution out there somewhere...