Hey! Business owner looking to see best apps for a food truck website?

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We are in the process of adding another truck and revamping our website, is there any guidance on a couple of apps that we are looking for? 


An app that we can use to let customers know where we are? So for instance maybe a map? Or a way for us to have 2-3 trucks locations posted so customers can check which one they are closest to.  

Also a scheduling type app so customers can pre order for delivery? and or pick up? 


A calendar App as well that be edited on the fly?


Any guidance would be helpful!  


Thank you in advance

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Hey TheIcySpotFL!

Easy Appointment Booking may be what you're looking for. Specific to your scenario, a few things the app offers

  • Calendar view and a week-by-week view, giving you flexibility with a user experience that's ideal for if the event is coming up soon or if customers typically book weeks in advance
  • Set up individual availabilities / employees for each event (or multiple per event)
  • Automatic confirmation, 24h reminders, and thank you emails (with templates!) to keep your customers in the loop 
  • Editing on the fly - anytime, directly from your Shopify admin. If you need to update the event details for your bookings in case of a rain delay or change in location, just set it once and mass update your email list.

Disclaimer: I'm the co-founder of this app! There's plenty of great ones but based on what you're looking for, we might be a great fit 🙂


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Hi @TheIcySpotFL !

Let me introduce you KAD Pre-order that will help you with managing pre-orders.

You can schedule the period while pre-orders will be available and specify the delivery time on the pre-order button tooltip.

Moreover our app has many other features that help merchants track pre-orders. You can read more about our app here https://apps.shopify.com/simple-pre-order 

Let me know what you think.

Shopify Partner
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Hi! I'm building a sales channel / custom storefront for these kinds of use-cases.


It's currently free:



The ability for customers to set a pick-up is on the roadmap.


Would love any feedback!