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Hello Shopify Community.


Can anyone help me?

I'm developing an online store for my client, who sells personalized products such as t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, among others.

Prices should not appear, as each product can be printed in various ways and with various techniques.

This makes it very complex to create all the variants for printing. The client has more than 200 Products.

What we want from the store is for users to be able to choose the products, with the variants and to be able to describe how they want to personalize that product, and also to be able to upload some files for personalization.

Then submit their choice so that a mockup can be made and sent to the customer with the prices.


I know there are some applications for customizing products and hiding prices and asking for quotes. But the ones I've tested don't work in the best way.


The theme installed in the Shop is Kalles.
Does anyone know of any good apps that work with this theme and have already been implemented?


Thank you.

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Hi @valterosa this is a quote app, Request proposal Quote app, RFQP app etc etc.


Generally if the apps your trying to don't fit it becomes increasing unlikely to find one that fits a specific use case.

So you may need to make a custom app, build some automation, or do theme customizations, or all three.


For example as a theme customization this is done as a contact form advanced-customization , or like the old back in stock notification customization (defunct link) for vintage themes.


For automations for examples there's creating draft orders from items in a cart using tools like mechanic



@valterosa wrote:

who sells personalized products

There are tons of apps for product personalization , and the product-options category, but those are made with the intent to get a customer purchase NOT prevent one.

Most all allow some sort of file upload.


If you need this consulted on or theme customizations then contact me by email for services.
Contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


Good Hunting.

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Hi @PaulNewton . Tanks for your anwser. I have found an App B2B Request a Quote,Hide Price. I will try that app and see if it works or not. I'm still not very comfortable with Shopify liquid. 😅

Maybe for my next build.


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