Hiding judge.me review widget from a certain product?

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Hey Guys,

i know there is a help desk at judge.me but i wanted to ask here first.

So i have a shop with one featured product at the homepage and want to hide the review widget from this product. (just from this single product)

Is there any possibility to do this so with editing the code?

The featured product is just an coupon for the shop, so i dont need reviews there, especially if they will be shown all the time under the featured product.

Thanks in advance


EDIT: Im using the Empire theme

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hello man

i have gone through the post and i see you need some who will help you to hide the product review widget if you dont ming i will love to help you with that

you can get back to me via in fiverr tho https://www.fiverr.com/share/PlwZ0o or my what's app +2348103819073