How can a color chart app improve product selection in e-commerce?

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I have plans to start my own e-commerce website in the future. In this store, I want to sell various products that have 10, sometimes even 100+ color options. To my surprise, there are no Shopify apps that have been developed for the user's convenience to easily and quickly select a color. The original system for color swatches works fine up to 5 colors, but after that, the ease of finding the right color quickly deteriorates.

My idea is as follows: A color table where each block can be assigned a unique color. This block can be provided with the product name and even be added directly to the shopping cart. The color of the product name can be displayed in black or white to increase contrast and readability. See example:



The biggest advantage of this app is that the customer can choose the right color much faster and easier and add it to the shopping cart. This app will most likely be purchased by e-commerce stores with product groups that contain many colors. Think of art supply stores, clothing stores, textile stores, etc.

I love to hear your opinions and I hope someone dares to take on the challenge and change the way we select colors on Shopify.

Thank you!

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I'd check out We have an exciting new solution for e-commerce color search, and our Shopify plugin will be available in a few months! You can also demo the Gen 1 tech on