How can customers edit their reviews on the Shop App?

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Customer states she's unable to edit her Shop App review. 😞 Is there another way of sending her an e-mail where she can update her review? I noticed the order was archived 


Earlier this month, I learned that customers can leave reviews on the Shop App. I received a 1-star review TWO MONTHS ago that I did not get to address until the beginning of this month because I had no idea Shop App reviews were it's own thing. I now have made it a habit to check my Shop app daily because I was so upset having to reach out to a customer two months late about their review. 


Her order was a clearance sticker for just a $1.75 so I'm assuming she didn't bother reaching out about it because of the price. Either way, I always give the benefit of the doubt and reached out offering to send another sticker as I still had some in stock. She received it and offered to change her review but now we're facing the issue of the edit option not being available. 


Is there another way? Thanks! 

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