How can customers upload PDFs to their account?

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Hi Everybody.

I am searching an app that let customers upload a pdf ore more then one in their account.
Some of our products do need a special signed pdf document and instead of mailing the document to us after purchasing it, it would be nice for the customers to upload that document in their account area so that we can see that document in the customer tab.
Upload at purchase / or checkout is not a possibility because the document is valid for a period of time.

does anybody has a good idea how to solve this ?


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Apps that work with customer accounts. I am not sure if this actually let the customer see what they upload (one would hope so)

Price depends on shopify plan -

Free 14 day trial - 10.00/month -

Both of the above add extra features to the customers account and one of them is to allow them to upload files to it.

This 2 below all not linked to accounts directly but are alternatives as well.


Create a form page where the customer can upload the files. This gets sent over to you via email and is under the apps menu page.

Free 30 day trial - 19.99/month -

Adds an upload file field to the product and appears in the order.

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Hello, Michael here from the Customer Fields app mentioned above 👋 

Your use case is a perfect example of how merchants use our app. You can install a form on the account page (ps: that means only logged-in customers will see this form) and allow customers to upload files (images, PDFs, spreadsheets, docs, etc.)

To view the file, you can use the app's Customer directory which looks and acts similarly to Shopify admin > Customers with several benefits: you can view, edit, or organize customers based on custom data. We define 'custom data' as anything that isn't currently listed in Shopify admin > Customers. You can also set up email notifications which trigger when customers create or update their accounts-- the files (or other data you collect) will also be visible in these emails.


One important clarification to the original poster re:

... so that we can see that document in the customer tab.

It is not possible to add new fields to the Customer tab within the Shopify admin! Shopify has locked this down, so the only way to view custom data is save it in the customer note field or use a separate customer database app like Customer Fields.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for the informations, i will check them out asap.
have a great day


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The app in my signature has a plugin, Custom Forms, that will allow you to collect additional customer data like files or texts that will also be presented in the Profile panel on the account page.

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This old post needs an update 👇

Shopify released pinned metafields in April 2022. This feature allows you to display custom information about a customer (including PDFs and other files) in your Shopify Admin > Customers page, as seen in the screenshot below.



Image 2023-10-18 at 12.14.52 PM.png


As mentioned in my other comment, you can install a Customer Fields form on the customer account page, so that logged in customers can submit extra information that you need to fulfill orders, etc.

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