How can I access customer emails via API for my wishlist app?

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I'm developing a wishlist app and our goal is to distribute this app on the shopify store.
However, I'm having a problem: I need to send an email alert to all customers who have certain items on their wishlists when those items go on sale.
In other words, I need to make a request to the API to get customer emails.

How can I do this? Mainly bearing in mind that this application will be widely distributed.

I'm currently sending a request to https://{store} and I'm getting what would be an authentication link, but when logging in with my account, I always come across this screenshot in attachment.

Another question is where Captura_de_Tela_2024-03-11_as_10.53.15-2.jpegdo I get the access token, since whenever I make a request to an endpoint, it asks me for a username and password, but I can't access it in any way.

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