How can I accurately track inventory cost changes?

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I've looked this question up and though it's been asked several times, no one seems to want to touch it.  I'm hoping there is a brave soul who has an answer or something has been developed since the last time the question was posed.


When I stock a product for the first time, I enter that information into the cost of the item.  So let's say I carry a blue widget with a wholesale price of $1.00 but I also will be including tax of .02 cents per item and shipping cost of .05 cents per item.  I've purchased 200 of them but two weeks later I sell out and need to replenish my stock.


So...this time the wholesale price has gone up by .05 cents per item due to rampant inflation BUT because they sold so well and I'm ordering 500 this time,  I'm getting a price break of .10 cents per item leaving my widget at now .95 cents per item.  Tax hasn't changed so it's still .02 cents per item but shipping has gone up again so my price per item will be .07 cents this time.


The math on this particular word problem isn't important but only there to prove a point.  Every single time I replenish supplies there is a PRICE change.  Is there an app that will accurately track these items and their wholesale cost per shipment without having to do it manually? 


Right now (this is so stupid but it's the only way I can figure out how to do it with the tools available) I enter each shipment as a different inventory item.  One is active and one is in draft.  When I run out of the item I have to try to catch it (??? I literally have 1000's of line items in inventory so this is almost impossible) I archive the 1st version and make the 2nd version active.  There are so many holes in this method.  First, it screws up my overall inventory.  Second, it's the most inefficient process I've ever dreamed up.  I just can't figure out how to get around it.  


It would be really cool if there were multiple lines available with an assigned hierarchy.  The first line would have the inventory amount and the cost associated with that group/wholesale order.  When that sells out, it would automatically go to the next line in the hierarchy with the cost for that group/wholesale order, until that sells out, and so on.  That way, the sku's the barcodes, inventory, etc. could all be housed in ONE record instead of multiple different ones depending on how many times that item is resupplied/repurchased.


I hope this makes sense!  I KNOW I can't be the only person with this issue.  Thank you in advance for any advice or help you can provide. 

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We’re having the same issue one two items in particular. Did you ever find a work around, or did you have to resort to another paid app?