How can I add a complex, multilingual filter to my Dawn theme store?

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I'm using Dawn as theme


My store is multilingual (english, italian, french)


I need to add to my store collections more complex filter than Dawn default filters


I need an app alllowing me translating averything (like option label, tags, collection name...) and further it has to give me possibility to filter only products in current view


For example:

if I'm in a collection with products in colour black and blue, I want the option colour shows me the filters "black" and "blue" and that filtering it filters only on that collection products


at the same time, if in the same collection I have products in different materials, I want in the option "material" are shown exclusively materials related to products belonging to that collection, and not to all materials in wich are available products of entire site


I want a filter working exactly the one at this url: is there someone able to tell me what app do they use?


Really really thanks! Here the link:

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Did you try the Search and Discovery by Shopify app? It's free and allows you to add the filters. 

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Hello @ClaudioMariani,


This is definitely a custom thing. To implement this feature, you can extend the logic of an existing app or develop a custom app from scratch exclusively for your needs.

Please, let me know if you need any assistance.


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