How can I add an in-house warranty program to my online store?

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Hello everyone,


Two part request:


Part 1:


We are looking to add a warranty program to our store.


We are managing it entirely in house rather than using a third party insurer so the typical warranty apps will not suffice.


We want to offer a free plan and a paid plan.


The free plan would just cover manufacturer defects but still requires registration while the paid plan would be an actual protection plan.


We want to offer this for all of our products and the paid plan to be a percentage of the sale price for a given product.


We tried some apps but they only let us add such programs one product at a time or don't allow the price to adjust to the product price.


Any app suggestions or other workarounds are appreciated.



Part 2:


We want to offer a way for customers who purchased from one of our third party marketplaces (ebay, amazon etc.) to come to our website and register their purchase for the same warranties.


All of our channels filter through Shopify so we have all of the order numbers, customer names etc. already in one place.


Our thought is to create a form or link where customers enter their order number and then choose what product(s) they want to insure and what plan they want to purchase and then proceed to the checkout like normal if a paid plan is chosen and receive a conformation email with their warranty number. In the case of a free plan, just receive the conformation email.


As with part 1, any app suggestions or other workarounds are appreciated.



Answers to only one of the request or or even partial answers are also welcome.


Thank you

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Hello, I am in need of the same setup referenced above. Did you ever find a good resolution for this, or does anyone else have some input for this?