How can I add custom fields to product order details?

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I want to develop one app in which we will have several field options. For each product, the admin can decide which fields need to be added. While Processing this requirement I am doubting the product order. If the Admin is adding some custom fields whose value will be added by the customer then at the time of purchasing how the user will get information that which value the user has added? Especially if a user is purchasing any product how admin will get which values the user has provided by the time of purchasing? 


Note that fields and their values, their properties everything will be different for each product.

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Hi @savita_nagdev,

You might find the Easify Product Options app helpful for creating custom options for your products 🤗

Customers will be able to view and select their desired options directly on the product page before placing an order. Additionally, the selected options will be displayed on both the customer order confirmation and the new order notification emails sent to staff, as well as in the order information.

Share with me your specific requirements, and I'll guide you through the appropriate setup using the app.

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