How can I adjust button padding in Shopify Emails?

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hi, following the recent Editions, I'm exploring Shopify Emails for marketing activities (automations + newsletter).

Buttons size is currently controlled through 'text size' but the space between the button borders and the text is too big. I basically would like to edit the button padding as it's possible in other email apps.

Note: the starting point is the shopify email, not a 100% custom html email

Anyone has any idea?


thank you in advance

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Hi @sfusobuono ,

Can I check? Would you mind to share your store URL website? with password if its protected. Thanks!

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hey @Made4uo-Ribe actually is not a button in the url website, but in the shopify email app

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Would love to know this too - and how to adjust the padding of text sections....

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did you find any solution to that?